Saturday, June 2, 2007

Pursuit of Liberty

What is liberation? Is it a mental and psychological state where one has no greed, no desire for material things, no desire for name and fame, is aloof from emotional bonds, has no attachments whatsoever? It will then mean one has no feelings, no pain, no sorrows and no longing. If so then what would one be like? I think in such state a person will have no motivation to get up in morning, no inclination to go to work, no need to talk to anyone, no desires, no desires means no goals, no goals means no action. There will not be a need to even pursue happiness. With such meaning of liberation one will have nothing in common with rest of the world, no connection, no dealings beyond satisfying the need for survival, may be that too will no longer remain. Will such person then be considered as a liberated? If the answer is yes then liberation will be synonymous to DEATH. And a person will be reduced to living corpse.

Or else. Liberation means something else. Does it mean a state of mind where one has capacity to see through any element (animate or inanimate) unto its core and to see his self with the same eye and to trace the common source of origin, singularity of consciousness, unity of purpose? It will enable him to see at the things, people, relations at a different altitude where he related to each of these. Then there will be boundless love with no reservations, no riders attached, no conditions. All the man made mental boundaries will dissolve like a piece of ice exposed to summer sun. There will be no religion, no nationality, no countries, no language barriers, no cast and no creed. There will be no reason to fight as there will be no need to possess or envy the possessor. All our social problems like communal disharmony, castisam, discrimination between girl child and boy child, intimidating women, economic inequality, even environmental issues will not exist. If liberation means this then it will mean that a person is related to everything and everyone around still there will be no attachment as one knows everything has one source of origin and one final destination. What changes is the form in relation to time and space, which again looked at a broader perspective, is constant. Now the question is, Is this only a theoretical, hypothetical condition for an individual and the society as a whole or its practically achievable? For individual I suppose yes but for collectively as a society, I don't know. Even there was a person to disharmonize Ramrajya by questioning Sita’s character.

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Ramesh said...

హలో friends మీకు న్యూస్ చదవడానికి ఎక్కువ time లేదా? అయితే మీకోసం, ఏదైనా సూటిగా...సుత్తి లేకుండా...చేప్పాడానికి మేము ఓ క్రొత్త వెబ్ సైట్ start చేసాము తప్పక చూడండి.
ఏదైనా సూటిగా...సుత్తి లేకుండా...